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This paper is designed to help you as your district or school prepares to create grading practices that reinforce the culture of learning.More
This paper highlights Deeper Learning practices in 20 schools across the country before taking on 7 common myths about students, teachers, and schools. More
The University of Washington Tacoma, in partnership with Persistence Plus, explores the use of mobile "nudging" to help students succeed and persist in postsecondary education.More
When it comes to what parents look for in schools for their children, they are alike in some ways and different in others—in their values, priorities, and preferences.More
This video showcases Pittsfield Middle High School's work with Student-Led Conferences, in which high school students prepare a portfolio of work and lead a presentation with their parents, advisor, and invited guest.More
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This annotated bibliography weaves together core findings from Personalization in Schools with commentary on a set of current, text-based and publicly downloadable materials that can help educators and community members as they attempt to foster those relationships critical for moving towards a truly personalized education for the youth they serve.More
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The Students at the Center project, in conjunction with Dr. Heidi Andrade, Ed.D. and the students and teachers from IS 223 (Brooklyn, NY), produced this suite of videos to for those wishing to implement more student-centered approaches in the classroom, school, district, or beyond and to help translate research from "Assessing Learning" and its companion Anytime, Anywhere chapter into practice.More
What is student-centered assessment? What is it not? How is it implemented in the classroom, and when implemented, what is the impact? The Students at the Center project has produced the following suite of resources as part of a continued effort to help make the research papers and edited book come alive and be more applicable to those wishing to implement more student-centered approaches in the classroom, school, district, or beyond.More
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Foreword by Nicholas C. Donohue, President and CEO, Nellie Mae Education Foundation The greatest opportunity facing our country today is that of sustaining and growing a flourishing society in the context of a fast-changing world. The days are gone when basic schooling coupled with ingenuity and hard work was sufficient for America to maintain a strong global economic position. The acceleration of technology, hyperconnectivity, and knowledge development requires a similar update to the skills individuals will need to support their families and build successful communities—and for the progress of our nation. Our adequate preparation as a society for a fruitful future depends on increasing the skill and knowledge levels of each and every young person, which in turn depends on a lifetime of access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate and equitable learning opportunities. Yet instead, in the United States, we currently find ourselves in conditions of growing inequality, stagnant educational outcomes, and tightening school budgets.More
Anytime, Anywhere, a new book from Harvard Education Press, synthesizes existing research and practices in the emerging field of student-centered learning, and includes profiles of schools that have embraced this approach.More