Student-centered approaches to learning continue to gain momentum in the news and in the classroom. This month we bring you articles and resources that resonate across all three areas of the Students at the Center research: Learning Theory, Applying Student-centered Approaches, and Scaling Up Student-centered Approaches to Learning.More
In the June 9 article, "Grouping Students by Ability Regains Favor in Classrooms," the New York Times reports that “ability grouping has re-emerged in classrooms all over the country” and cites increases in the percent of teachers grouping students by ability. With over 650 readers chiming in with comments, it is clear that ability grouping is a topic people have strong opinions about.More
In this special edition newsletter, Students at the Center is proud to present Anytime, Anywhere: Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers, along with a series of related tools and resources designed to help educators convert the Students at the Center research into daily practice.More
Students at the Center authors Rochelle Gutiérrez (Latino/a and Black Students and Mathematics) and Eric Toshalis (Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice) weigh in as Harvard Education Letter author Laura Pappano explores changing the face of math.More
This month, we bring you student-centered high school redesign profiles, a critical look at the use of neuroscience research in education, and exciting new assessment tools from the Students at the Center project.More
This month, we bring you a state policymakers guide to competency education, a mayor dedicated to student-centered approaches to learning, and a competency-based education endorsement from the U.S. Department of Education.More
From ASCD's Putting Students at the Center issue. "You need to teach students how to take initiative to pursue learning, and that's it, and that's all that matters." This statement was made by a teacher at a school profiled...More
This month we bring you research and news items that touch on Students at the Center topics such as the strategic use of technology to customize education for all student populations, competency-based education, student-centered teaching, building supportive literacy communities, and the connection of brain science, motivation, stress, and learning.More
This month we bring you a superintendent’s thoughts on creating a system of customized pathways across a district, and blogs and webinars on grit and student ownership of their education. More
During the 3-day visit by BDEA’s re-charter team, a student panel was asked “Who is in charge here?” Our students, never shy, jumped right in. Some of them said it was the head of school, others mentioned her by name, but one finally said, “We are!” When the facilitator asked for clarification, others started chiming in to explain that they, the students, are the ones in charge of their education at BDEA.More
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